And I'm Telling You, I'm Not J-Hud!

The "Life Magazine" insert inside today's Chicago Tribune (and other newspapers nationwide) features the Windy City's favorite Dreamgirl, Oscar nominee Jennifer Hudson. Here's an online preview of the piece on J-Hud. Or is it Jenny-Son? How about Nifer-H?

Whatever the media's new moniker for Englewood's finest, there's no disputing how stunning her photos are in the "Life" spread.

Thumbs-up to the PR machine over at Paramount for making this one happen with such style and taste. So step aside Clay and Carrie. Looks like Jen is well on her way to becoming American Idol's biggest, most glorified "loser."


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4838butterfly said...

Whoa. Jennifer looks like 'Suge' from The Color Purple in this pic. I like it though.

lakeparkluv said...

lol @ 'suge' from the color purple. i can hear jennifer singing that song, 'Sister', now.

Cynthia said...

She is on her way. In dreamgirls, she outshined Beonce...

The girl deserves her props... said...

Cynthia, in Dreamgirls, Beyonce wasn't working for me until she became the more mature, fashionable Deena.

I'm like, What did they do to B.'s eyebrows, in the beginning. Looked like she had a little unibrow action going on. said...

4838: Yep, very Color Purple, this photo. I think it's great.


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