Britney / Anna Nicole: Rehab & A Shake

Naomi Watts in King Kong

Britney Spears does a U-turn to rehab

The Spears family has pressed Britney's pause button: she checked into rehab again. She and her family are in my prayers. I hate seeing anybody go through the fire.

Like this columnist, I've wonder if postpartum depression is a factor. Check out the potential PPD red flags @ Julie's Health Club.

Steve Johnson @ Chicago Tribune has lots of Britney comments; some are so cold. Brit is only human. Makes me think of Princess Di.

If that's not disconcerting enough, footage has just surfaced of Anna Nicole Smith... out of it and wearing clown make up. Reeling like a zombie.
Anna Nicole Smith in video
I saw the video last night. The only other image this bizarre is Samuel L. Jackson playing 'Gator' in "Jungle Fever."
[deconstruction of an anti-Hero]
From Wikipedia, the
free encyclopedia
A hero (male) or
heroine (female) usually fulfills the definitions of what is considered
good and noble
in the originating

Typically the
willingness to sacrifice the self for the greater good is seen as the most
important defining characteristic of a hero. However, in
literature, particularly in tragedy, the
hero may also have
serious flaws which lead to
their downfall, e.g.
Hamlet. Such heroes are often
tragic heroes.

Some social commentators prescribe the need for heroes in times of
social upheaval or national self-doubt, seeing a requirement for virtuous
, especially for the young. Such myth-making may have worked
better in the past: current trends may confuse heroes and their hero-worship
with the cult of mere

Cult of personality? Or twisted virgin sacrifice? Why does Western culture push many of its cherished 'princesses' over the edge? Down the hot larnyx of some fire-spitting volcano.

Or into the arms of the beast?

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KWiz said...

Thanks so much for this insightful and caring post. I referenced it in one of my posts today. Our society spends way too much time criticizing one another and not caring for each other.


SSS ,,, Nice site, I'm putting you in my "Far Away Folks File".

kweenkong said...

thanks so much KWiz for the mention. i'll have to come check out all your latest.

kweenkong said...

good lookin out, colorado bob. i'll definitely come check you out... like that avatar!

Anonymous said...

I give up on this girl. She is in and out of rehab. She must really realize she needs help yet. I don't want to ear another news article about this confused soul. Leave her be until she figures herself out.


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