Craig's List - Naughty or Nice?

I'm a fan of Craig's List; I've actually gotten good leads on writing gigs off the site. But I'm starting to see it has an absolutely wack underbelly. I learned a few weeks ago about the bust of a prostitution ring that snagged its prey via Craig's List. Most of the call girls were minors; it was masterminded by two young people from the West side of Chicago. *cough*

...And now I discover this: CraigsList personal ads. These posts are so bizarre (but well-written), I have to wonder if they're actually the work of some deviant (but truly imaginative) pro writers.

Some of them are funny as all get-out; a few are just patently disgusting (but compelling, nonetheless).

They say you can't make up stuff like this. Or can you?


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Tisha! said...

oh yes, those ads are uproarious! but sometimes SAD! said...

hey tisha!, aren't those CL folks nutz? lol


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