Fantasia to Star In 'Color Purple' on Broadway

Fantasia Barrino announced on American Idol that she's Broadway bound, starring in The Color Purple this spring

The deal is done: American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino is set to channel "Celie" in the Broadway play The Color Purple. Fantasia announced her fantastic, new gig tonight on 'Idol' -- right before wowwing the audience with an emotion-charged tune from the B'way show.

There's great anticipation in Chicago about The Color Purple coming here this spring. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Windy City cast for this Oprah Winfrey-produced venture included you-know-who? And you know who can make it happen.


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Cynthia said...

This is good news for Fantasia

kweenkong said...

yep, i'm always rooting for Tasia. although i've gotta say, she'll have to really step her acting game up. did you see her Lifetime story?

4838butterfly said...

Actually, Fantasia was in the running to play Effie in Dreamgirls at one time. I'm not sure why she didn't make it.

But what if Jennifer hadn't gotten that role, and Fantasia did?

Anonymous said...

Dude was eating people? Dayum! Hope these were his enemies, not loved ones. haha

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go and see this play. I really like Fantasia and think she will do excellent because she has an absolutely amazing voice!

Anonymous said...

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