Forrest Whitaker: Eating Idi's Hat

The Last King has been nominated for an Oscar, with its star, Amin-alike Forrest Whitaker, up to win the Best Actor award. But a son of Idi Amin takes issue with how his father, the late dictaor of Uganda, was portrayed.

The film was just released in Uganda; Jaffar Amin nor any other family member attended the premier. He did, however, watch "Last King" later, at home on DVD. Now the dutiful son, Jaffar Amin, speaks out via this interview in today's Washington Post:

Though he doesn't deny the atrocities attributed to his father during his
reign of terror, he says the film will compound many of the negative images on
which he is now trying to shed light.
He acknowledges he faces a difficult
battle trying to humanize Idi Amin.
Jeeze... And I thought the Amin family would be relieved the film did such a fine job of dispelling that myth about Amin practicing cannibalism.

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Tisha! said...

he wasn't a cannibal then? so chicago is tame next to uganda as well? :)

kweenkong said...

tisha!, in the movie, Idi got really indignant about the controversial things Western media and influencers believed about him. the film subtley suggested the cannibalism and a few other alleged eccentricities were mere rumor and folly.

4838butterfly said...

I wouldn't say the movie exactly "cleared up" whether Idi was into cannibalism or not.

They only really showed him getting pissed because the media over here and in Europe kept reporting he was a canniba. He may have still been Head Toe-Muncher In Charge.

Tisha! said...

legends, we're always embellishing!

kweekong said...

4838butterfly, that is true. the movie only slightly dealt with this. i'm hoping it wasn't true :-)

kweenkong said...

tisha!, so true. i'll have to look a little more into the Idi "legend" to learn where those in the know (and discussing it) land on the issue


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