The Future: It's Up the Road, On Your Left

Chicago Auto Show - 2007 Mazda Nagare

The 2007 Chicago Auto Show opens today, promising to spin-out an ice-cold collection of concept cars. Call it a Jetsonian fascination with the future, but a chance to ogle and touch the rides of tomorrow always drives thousands of Chicagoans to pack the parking lots around McCormack Place. Don't miss these Space Age beauts, through February 18. They've just landed on the South side, loaded with "beam me up, Scottie" style.

Chicago Auto Show - Lexus LF-A
Chicago Auto Show - 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo
Chicago Auto Show - GM Efijy
Chicago Auto Show - 2007 Kia Kue

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Anonymous said...

Gimme da keys to the Lex, baby! Yeah!

NYCskyscraper said...

I be that Kia will sell real well, as the price ought to be pretty good.


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