Girl You Know It's True: The Movie Remix

Milli Vanilli, a Grammy award winner that lost its title, were the hottest group at one time

Universal is propelling the Milli Vanilli story closer to its rightful place among pop history distinctions. A film is in the works about about how the one-time-"It"-duo came to be relieved of their Grammy-holding responsibilities.

Milli Vanilli won the award in 1990 for Best New Artist, but later lost the title and statue. It was revealed that Fabrice Morvan and Rob Pilatus didn't actually sing their hit songs. In today's currency, it would be as if B2k and Omarion had barely seen the inside of a recording studio.

In 1991, a Chicago court heard an unusal case involving sexy, exotic Milli Vanilli. A proposed legal settlement would have awarded all those who purchased Milli Vanilli's CDs a refund. But ultimately, the Chicago judge rejected it. It's nuts but it's true: Nearly 10 million disappointed fans would have been eligible to remix their money from Arista.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't one of these guys O.D.? I guess all of that will be in the movie.

4838 butterfly said...

when i first heard about this movie, i thought 'who cares.' but i then thought it just might be a good story. should keep all those honest who want a singing career. said...

anonymous, yes re: OD. i think he was in London.


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