Luda: He's.At.The.Top.Of.His.Gaaaame

Ludacris won the Grammy for Best Rap Song for 'Money Maker

Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Chicago, received a holla last night from an undispued money-making king: Grammy Award-winner Ludacris. But it wasn't necessarily a shout-out of affection for the chat chica. Particularly since he mentioned Oprah's name in the same breath as Bill O'Reilley's (Fox News). O'Reilley is Luda's worst critic.

The rapper-actor, who grew up in Chicago's Oak Park/Maywood area until his early teens, called-out Winfrey at the end of his acceptance speech for Best Rap Song, which he garnered for his smash hit "Money Maker." His beef with Oprah began when she slighted him in 2005, surrounding his appearance on her show as a cast member in "Crash." (And they say I hold a grudge too long?)

Ludacris as actor in 'Hustle & Flow'
But Luda's a class act. He has a youth AIDS foundation that brought him to the Chi recently, and a Saturday Night Live hosting stint under his belt. The man is on a roll: he was smooth as butter and sounded only lightly salty with "O" & "O."

Quite unlike Kanye West might have been, given an opportunity to one-up his critics... West was chided last night by his Grammy co-presenter Common, for whining/bragging whenever he loses/wins a music award.
Good look, fellas. Chi-tied hip-hop was strong in the house.

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hamsammich said...

i'm in the chi too and was proud of the great presence some of our talented peeps had on the Grammy's.

i agree that luda is a class act. he doesn't deserve all the media haters, although i understand their point. they need to find a better way of making it.

Cynthia said...

I didn't realized he grew up in Maywood. I graduated from high school there.

Anonymous said...

Luda deserves more credit than people want to give him. He's one of the few who consistently put out good product, selects strong beats, brings real creativity to his writing. said...

Hamsammich, About the 'haters' in the media... That's a tuff one. As long as nobody calls rappers on how they refer to women, they will keep doing it. But we somehow still enjoy the music and entertainment value. said...

Hey Cynthia, Yep, Luda went to Oak Park - River Forrest High School for one year, before moving to ATL. said...

Anony, Agree. Not only is Luda very creative with his rhymes, you can always understand every word that he says the first time you hear his songs! Can't say that about most rappers. lol


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