Lush:::Bathwater That Will Drive You to Drink

lush - whoosh shower jellie

lush - honey bee
lush - wiccy magic muscles
lush - ooh la la soap
Stopped by the Lush boutique at Macy's today, giving my sweet tooth for home-spa stuff a real jolt. Lush is like a candy shop of soaps, face scrubs and bath oils that look delicious enough to eat. Seriously. Lush prides itself on hip design and functionalty. But beware: It's a fakery, too. Hence the tagline, Fresh Homemade Cosmetics.

Lush manages to dimensionalize any space the brand occupies. Inside stores, you're surrounded by a maze of baskets. Each is stacked high with colorful, snowball-sized bath tablet or soaps. Or cool soaps splayed on a plate like sushi or pate'.

And you can't help but smell everything. That's what I did: descended like a bee, sinking my stinger in every goodie I passed. When I came up for air, the girl working there was kind enough to tell me I sort of had glitter up my nose. Guess I sniffed that bath tablet too hard. (I must have looked like a junkie smearing away stray nose candy. So dial 9-1-1: I'm addicted to lavender.)

Yep, L u s h i s t h e
lush - bath bomb

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Sunny said...

I LOVE Lush and it is my single most reason for picking up friends at the Orlando can smell the store immediately upon entering the terminal. I, too, am an uncloseted smell freak when entering Lush....

kweenkong said...

sunny, isn't that a crazy experience. love those stores!

4838butterfly said...

I never have heard of this store, but it sounds like a place I need to get to know. People tease me all the time about how I don't like to be disturbed when I have my nightly bath time. :0


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