Martini Mix: The Oscars

Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson sing 'Listen' and other Dreamgirls hits at the 2007 Oscars *Mon congrats JENNIFER HUDSON, Chi-town's own!!! But what was up with all the boobage? Lovely gown, but take a breath too deep and an Oscars wardrobe malfunction could occur. Add three more of these sculpted boulders, and it'll seem the dead prez's of Mount Rushmore rose to the occasion.

* This dress of Beyonce's was adorable. It was interesting, though, hearing her re-calibrate her singing, seemingly to ensure that Jennifer didn't show her up. Check out a different -- quite telling -- photo of an eye-popped, hard-singing Beyonce at Clay Cane's blog.

* This was the best Oscars production I can recall, thanks to producer Laura Ziskin. It didn't feel longer to me than usual. For a change, it (mostly) kept my attention.

* Ellen was great, as expected. Favorite line, when discussing the diversity of this year's Awards: "If there weren't blacks, jews and gays, there would be no Oscars... Nor anyone named "Oscar." Also liked how comfortably she dressed. Those spats were kicking!

* Vogue magazine's Andre Leon Tally was ab-fab as a red carpet fashion correspondent. He certainly knows more about fashion than anyone. Hope to see a lot more of him on TV... but not dressed quite like this shot from New York Fashion Week...
Vogue magazine's fashion and style arbiter Andre Leon Tally* Eddie Murphy with Tracy Edmonds? I didn't know...

* Thought I'd miss seeing some Super Bowl-caliber ads! But the Oscars' wonderful opening montage -- a stark, long-form video resembling a Gap ad and featuring a slew of people in the industry -- was the best "commercial" all night.

Pilobus dance troupe was one of the most out-of-the-box touches at the 2007 Oscars * Pilobolus: Awesome dance troupe delivering several grand performances. They contorted and piled upon each other to form huge silhouettes themed with hit movie titles. This photo? Happy Feet, of course!
Will Farrell at the Oscars, should have sung Funky Nassau with that hair
* Why was Will Farrell wearing the Diahann Carroll wig? Or was that hair-do meant as a nod to...?
Annie, the Broadway musical * Cutest "animated shorts" at the Kodak Theater: Jaden Christopher Cyrus Smith and Little Miss Sunshine. Jaden's famous mom and pop, Will and Jada Smith, looked like regular, nervous parents in the audience -- praying their kid would do well alone on-stage.
Will Smith with Jack Nicholson at the 2007 Oscars * Why, exactly, did Djimoun Hounsou have on sunglasses indoors? Then, Merle Streep? And good grief, what were those about worn by Jack Nicholson? Did they party together after the show, the Three Blind Mice? Hope this "sunglasses at night" look isn't making a come-back.

* Priceless: Ellen telling Spielberg to do-over her snap shot with Clint Eastwood, because he didn't get it right/balanced the first time. Imagine that. Someone on the Planet has the nerve to tell The Master that he screwed up a shot. Hilarious, Ellen!

* Best dressed: Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce (on-stage at top)

* Looked better than ever: Cameron Diaz, Queen Latifah, Reece Witherspoon

* Sexiest woman: Helen Mirren. And atta girl, Your Highness, for the well-deserved win!
Helen Mirren was a shoe-in to win Best Actress at the 2007 Oscars
* Best earrings: Penelope Cruz

* Forrest Whitaker... Acceptance speech?

* Finally: Kudos to MARTIN SCORSESE 4 BEST DIRECTOR! It's about darned time.

BTW: Here's a fun re-cap from the Washington Post.


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Clay said...

kweenkong your comment on my blog wore me out -- what is your email? said...

hey Clay! no it's YOU who do the utter wearing out. lol your Oscars re-cap is all that.

4838butterly said...

I missed the Oscars Awards. Thanks for the good review.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Too funny.

I noticed that too about Beyonce's singing.

She probably said, forget this -- this ain't no Dreamgirls -- I don't have to sing softly!

And I didn't even know before the Oscars that Jennifer Hudson was me and my husband's homegirl.

kweenkong said...

hey Paula! wasn't that quite obvious how Beyonce turned it up a notch early in her turn to sing. i couldn't believe me ears.

not that i blame her, though. she's gotta be so sick of being questioned about her 'background' role in the movie.

PS you and hubby are from Chi-town? that's where i am!


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