MyObamaTube is Barack Obama's answer to myspace

Senator Hillary Clinton says she's "in it to win it," but Barack Obama is in it to add new friends -- about a million of 'em. MySpace-style. Using the Web 2.0 technology that makes social networking at MySpace and YouTube possible, the Obama media team has created

According to a story by Chicago Tribune blogger Steve Johnson:

This attempt to centralize Obama-related social networking has brought "over
50,000 new people [to] the campaign -- signing up, creating profiles, blogging,
creating [their] own groups and networking with like-minded folks"...
So if Obama's your candidate for president, he's hoping you'll sign-up and let the whole www know. Going forward, this promises to be one of the most contentious Internet spaces around. Possibly as hostile as the evil snobs who play Yahoo Spades (of which I am one, from time to time).

I imagine that other candidates' campaigns are revving up as we speak to form counter-blogs at Will Obama's new media team delete blogs by critics, I wonder. Oh, it can get real nasty (i.e., racist) in these chatrooms and forums...

Well, let the cyber mud-slinging begin. Just don't flick any on our new Roc-Obama-Wear.
Obama is my homeboy tshirt There are, by the way, over 4,500 unique Obama designs at for everything from posters and tshirts to bumper stickers and mugs.


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Anonymous said...

I kind of like the "homeboy" t-shirt. Cause I still don't see this happening in America.

The t-shirt I believe is about the closet America will come to electing a black president.

4838butterfly said...

'Homeboy?' That is just not right to put on merchandise about Obama.

Cynthia said...

I think Obama may have a real chance. It appears many people are happy that he is running. I like the homeboy t-shirt too. said...

only in america, i guess. president homeboy?


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