"O" is for "Obama"

"O" say can you see... what tomorrow may bring? Congratulations to the graphic design team at Chicago-based Sender LLC for producing this o-so-hot logo for Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign. I like!

Advertising agencies spend untold hours analyzing reams of data and pondering a universe of minutia before coming up with a successful branding image such as this. Sender's logo for Obama is crisp and simple, appropriately patriotic, and -- best of all -- reflects the strong sense of hope being on the horizon that he's inspiring across the country.

Learn what the designers told Crain's Chicago Business about their prestigious assignment here.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very nice logo. It looks real clean... a little white-bread, but still nice tho.

Tisha! said...

let's not forget that "o" is also an abbreviation for "orgasm" and don't tell me they weren't thinking about that when they came up with the concept! LOL

it is nice


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