Oscar Party: Serving Statuesque Martinis, Dahling

Roll out the red carpet for the Oscars

Want to roll out the red carpet for friends coming over to watch the Oscars? Why not treat them like movie stars: send them spiralling out of control thanks to these delicious martini recipes. The site gives instructions for mixing over 200 varieties of the world's most popular cocktail, ranging from a Mojito or Barbed Wire Martini to the garden variety Apple or blazing Jamaican Martini.

Why, a good martini could even keep the peace at your Oscar Party: If someone's favorite movie or actor gets over-looked, they'll be too tore-up to notice!

Just keep queasy people away from your casting couch. No cookie- or salad-tossing allowed...

S.S.S. - Serving Mental Martinis, Shaken Not Stirred


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Anonymous said...

Yum... Make mine the Candy Apple Martini. Love that drink!


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