The Oscars -- What the Survey (Didn't) Said

I just participated in a quickie online poll over at the Washington Post. The question:

What was the most egregious snub of this year's Oscar

  • No "Dreamgirls" for Best Picture

  • No Leonardo DiCaprio Nod for "The Departed"

  • No Jack Nicholson for Best Supporting Actor

  • No Brad Pitt for Supporting Actor

  • No "Volver" for Foreign Language Film

  • No Sacha Baron Cohen for Best Actor

I clicked the third choice, that Jack Nicholson was snubbed for his performance in The Departed. Feel the same about Matt Damon, too. How on Earth could these two not have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor? Nicholson's Frank Costello was the baddest mofo on the silver screen last year. And his crooked side-kick, Sullivan, was played with brilliant deviance by Damon. Makes me think there's too much politics involved with the Academy Awards.

Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon were magnificent in The Departed

So I clicked through my vote, sure The World would agree... and was shocked! In most people's opinion, there's a far greater snub than my Jack & Matt disappointment. Makes me wonder if movie-goers are drinking left-over Kool-Aid from Jonestown or what?

Well, hopefully, Martin Scorcese will get his long-overdue Best Picture award for this exceptional film.

To vote and/or see for yourself what people feel is the worst snub going into the Oscars: click.


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