The Professional: Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell to hit a catwalk in downtown Chicago for FashionWeekLive

Supermodel Naomi Campbell's coming back to Chicago soon. And when she does, some innocent runway will be asassinated, Jean Reno-style.

The hottest hit-woman to ever stalk a catwalk, Campbell aims to promote and *star model* in an upcoming consumer fashion show called "FashionWeekLive." Happening March 13 at Millenium Park, the IMG-produced show features the work of 20 to 30 designers from New York and Chicago.

This promises to be one heck of a stomp across the grass in Grant Park. Check this Chicago Sun Times story by Maureen Jenkins for more.

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hamsammich said...

You know this chick is nuts, right? Better keep a phone handy when she comes. Somebody may need 9-1-1.

kweenkong said...

now, now ham... leave my girl alone! she can't help how she misbehaves. it's the business she's in.

4838butterfly said...

Aw hell, hide your cell phones! If Naomi gets a hold of it, it can become a lethal weapon.


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