Presidential Expresso at Cafe' Obama

Senator Barack Obama exudes the bold aroma of the next U.S. President

A strong storm's brewing at Cafe' Obama: other candidates had better wake up and smell the coffee. Their sleepy, too cautious talk will not win this race. People want change. Right now.

Today at his presidential kick-off event, Senator Obama -- who resides here in historic Hyde Park -- seemed to have transcended the media hype that's swirled around him. He riled the people on a promise -- a promise to restore dignity to everyday Americans who've grown weary of what it means to be an American. Obama struck a resounding chord among those who have had it up to here with the way things are.

"Now's the time to take it back!" the senator said of the nation, sounding bone-chillingly convincing. That's when the very real possibility of him as president sunk in.

The man of the hour said America can no longer ignore its head-spinning national debt. That a pull-out of U.S. troops from Iraq could begin by March 2008. That universal healthcare was viable and palpable. That we must do better by our teachers, in order to better prepare students everywhere. And that it's time for We, the People to stop footing corporate America's bills.

He sounded remarkably capable of getting every bit of it done, too.

Here is a man that embodies it all. The strong language of challenge that "red herring" Independents typically bring, but can't deliver the votes upon. The finesse to work both sides of the aisle. The fire and vigor to restore hope among and energize the masses. And the sensibility to protect and broaden the nervous middle class.

Addressing a crowd of thousands, which included reps from 500 media organizations from as far away as Tokyo, London and Brazil, Obama wound down his 23-minute speech with this: "The time is now to shake off our slumber." And who wouldn't agree?

Obama has a clear, inspirational vision for fixing a country that's on the brink of becoming a staggering nightmare. Just about floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee today, Senator Barack Obama made us believe. The man exudes the bold aroma of a champion.

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4838butterfly said...

Well said, indeed. But here is what gets me... all those in the media who say Obama has no experience that qualifies him. Complete rubbish! All I can say is "George W. Bush" and that should put that argument to rest. said...

4838butterfly: I agree. 'Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this man will NOT become president. Anybody who thinks he can is smoking that mighty-mighty.


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