Welcome Chicago's South Side Star

Chicago's lake view from Promontory Point

Some of Chicago's shiniest stars, liveliest establishments and most intriguing characters call the South side home. Each week, the South Side Star will spotlight the serious and the quirky among them:
  • Hot local artists, artisans, spas, boutiques, bars and cafes,

  • Opinions about what's going on in this part of the the Windy City,

  • Who's who from Bronzeville and Hyde Park to South Shore and Washington Park,

  • Festivals, concerts, art exhibit, films, plays and more.
Last but not least, the South Side Star exists to power-up the network between South side residents, merchants and the world. So email us information about your unique achievement, service or progressive event and we'll cover your news, letting legions of readers across the web know!

Happy Living. Giving. Loving.



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4838butterfly said...

Cool vibe in here. Good to find a Chicago blog with some soul, intellect and a sense of humor.

I'll bookmark this one and return. said...

LOL Thanks for stopping and leaving your comment. Hopefully, we can build some momentum and a network of thought.


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