Clinton, Obama & Dirty-word Drama

That other presidential candidate with strong Chicagoland ties, former Park Ridge resident Hillary Clinton, seems to be having a time with her campaign. A New York Times story makes a big deal of Mrs. Clinton's use yesterday of the term civil war in reference to Iraq. She'd pretty much avoided uttering this distasteful moniker to describe the conflict -- while her opponents have been cussing up a civil war storm.

While Clinton was busy wowwing a New York audience of 60 with that dirty eight-letter phrase, her greatest threat, Senator Barack Obama, was in little ol' Springfield, Illinois. Seducing 20,000 supporters of his bid for president like a rock-star.

But that was yesterday. So what are they both likely doing today? Setting their Tivos for "60 Minutes," of course. A CBS reporter visited the Hyde Park home of Barack and Michelle Obama for the segment headlining tonight's show.

And then, what are Bill and Hill, the other "O" and 'Chelle probably going to do? If they're smart, they'll tune out politics and turn to the #@!*$$@!# Grammys.

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hamsammich said...

this woman is going to blow her chances, i believe. she doesn't seem to be about too much. i don't understand what is happening to her.

obama is rolling like a mack truck. maybe he has her skurred!

Cynthia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I'm not feeling Hillary. She is way too conservative for me. said...

Hey Hamsammich,

I agree. Hillary is playing it too safe to keep what ought to be reliable votes. said...


Is that what the problem is? Too conservative? I guess that's it. I learned the other day that Hillary had suggested the Democrats change their platform stance on abortion. Maybe she needs to slip on over to the other side...

Cynthia said...


The conservative Democrats are taking over the Democratic Party.

If you look at the last election, more Conservative Democrats have taken office.

In the House, 44 members are the ultra conservative Blue Dogs, including two members that are members of the CBC. And then you have that other ultra conservative group, the DLCs.

According to what I've read before, Bill Clinton and a few other Conservative Democrats were thinking about starting another Party if they couldn't take over the current Democratic Party.

I know most people like Bill Clinton, but some of the most repressive policies against Black people have occurred under the leadership of these Conservatives in the Democratic Party. Barack Obama is walking that line, but he still is not as Conservative as Hillary.

The bottom line, the Democratic Party is moving away from the Party of the average Joe said...

Oh, that's deep! And it explains Hillary "floating" the anti-abortion possibility...

The possibility of this raises all sorts of questions, most notably this one: Are the Dems, with their proposed new platform, ultimately turning over the nomination to Barack Obama?

So if the Dems move too far right, I'll definitely be splitting -- but for the promise of Obama.

Cynthia said...

I'm confused about Obama. For one thing, I think he is disorienting the Republican base.I hope he is running. I will support him. said...

hey cynthia,

yes, obama officially declared his candidacy over the weekend, so he is definitely running. he has my support too, unless he completely flips out between now and the election. lol


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