WMD... IEDs... Lethal Cell Phones...

Fashion hit woman Naomi Campbell, who does a star turn March 13 for Chicago's FashionLive, said today that she wouldn't consider herself "angry." She's just "very emotional..." (Isn't this about the same thing?) And interestingly, sweet Naomi says she travels with five cell phones... FIVE cell phones? Talk about an arms build-up!

To quote Avant News, whose clever piece mocks the announcement of a Naomi "signature assault phone" deal with Motorola:

"How many other companies can offer a high-tech, really snazzy personal
communications device that can also be used as a combat projectile at close
quarters?" said Col. Wolverine Jack, a procurement officer with the Pentagon.
"The sooner we can get these in the hands of our troops, the safer they can

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