American Idol: Lakisha, Melinda, Gina & Sanjaya

sanjaya malakar of american idol has captured attention of the american idol television audience with his ever-changing hairstyles

~ Sanjaya Hair Watch: Sanjaya Malakar's peacock-ish hair last night on American Idol was awesome: A Mohawk of seven springy, bouncy ponytails. Sanjaya believes his show-stopping hairstyles will bring him the luck of sevens. I believe this sweetie-pie is becoming more cunning than we know... And it's cool!

~ Go Gina Glocksen, who sang well last night. The Chicago area's American Idol contestant sounded steadier than she has in a while. We got the message, Gina: America shouldn't dare rule you out. I still say that Gina chooses the most interesting pieces of music this season.

~ Last week I noted that Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones would need to step-it-up in the apparel department to win America's heart. Perhaps they're reading South Side Star :-) ... because it seems both made strides to present a more contemporary appearance. (Well, Simon told them this in person, so maybe he deserves some of the credit!)
*** Lakisha accomplished the mission by wearing a pair of sassy, S&M boots that absolutely delighted Simon Cowell. Hmmm...
*** Melinda wasn't as much a hit in the fashion area. She's trying hard to get out of a conservative norm, it seems. So keep trying Melinda...

BTW, both Melinda and Lakisha sounded great, both singing Donna Summers disco classics. Both have undeniable chops and are unwavering in their ability to sound like seasoned, professional performers.

Interestingly, though, Lakisha seemed to turn up her vocal punch a noticeable notch last night. I predict it'll be an exciting race to the finish between these two contestants. It'll be awesome TV.
For more American Idol opinion, check pop culture journalist Mo Rocca's column at AOL.

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Skylark said...

What beautiful hair! He really has a bit of Michael Jackson in him. Interesting to watch.


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