Baby, You're a Star: Alderwoman Sandi Jackson

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his beautiful wife Sandi Jackson, who won the seat for alderman of Chicago's 7th WardGrand congratulations go to Sandi Stevens Jackson, who handily won a seat as alderwoman here in Chicago's 7th Ward on Tuesday. The wife of U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and daughter-in-law of the famed civil rights leader, Sandi inspired huge voter turn-out in the heavily contested South Shore community.

In an interview in today's Chicago Tribune, Sandi Jackson says:

"I hope with this election, people will look at their role on the council in a different way," Jackson said in an interview late Tuesday night. "I hope they'll come to it feeling more empowered. And so I'm very excited about joining my fellow City Council members in trying to forge a new direction for the city."
Sorry Ms. Jackson, but your taking 57% of the votes your first time out doesn't surprise anyone who's met you. The mother of two children, Sandi Jackson has an incredibly genuine spirit. Just have a conversation with the new alderwoman and you'll quickly know she's smart and blessed with bright inner light.

Here's to a long career of stellar accomplishments for all those whose lives you touch -- in Chicago and hopefully one day beyond. Sandi Jackson is definitely a new breed of political player to watch.

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Levois said...

I'm kind of glad that she beat the Beavers maching. Let's see if she'll prove to be a good alderman. I'll say yes. Especially if it means Jesse Jackson Jr's advancement eventually.

kweenkong said...

yes, the people have spoken and a resounding change has been made. too bad that other big machine in Chi wasn't stopped though.

addictioncounselor said...

i support jessie for mayor, a black leader better do something quick before daley gets rid of all the black people in chicago, and no black leaders are saying a word as it happens in droves.....


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