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Khalid Sheik Mohammed has confessed to masterminding over 30 terror related plots

... Be bold. Say his name three times and -- poof! -- a diabolical figure will materialize. After years in CIA custody, terrorism suspect Khalid Sheik Mohammed has confessed to masterminding 9/11 and astonishingly much more. This, he's said, according to the Washington Post:

"I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z," Mohammed told a panel of military officers through a personal representative, who read off a list of 31 terrorist acts that were either carried out or planned but not executed... Mohammed described himself as Osama bin Laden's operational director for the Sept. 11 attacks and as al-Qaeda's military operational commander for "all foreign operations around the world."

Khalid Sheik Mohammed allegedly claimed responsibility for everything from all of the World Trade Center bombings to an (unknown) assasination plot against former president Jimmy Carter to being the boss of attempted "shoe bomber" Richard Reid to an unmaterialized plot to take down the Sears Tower in Chicago.

I am completely terrorized by having lost my beautiful, glitzy sandal... Guess I had too good a time?...  :-PGiven his lengthy list of credits, I'd like to interrogate this bastard about my missing car keys! And my one, cute sandal that mysteriously disappeared from L.'s car... I'd only worn those shoes once.

Is Khalid Sheik Mohammed like Betelgeuse, a super-terroristic bio-exorcist? Could Mohammed's 31-item list of evil accomplishments all be true (or is he padding his resume)? Was he coerced to say these things? Why is he only now taking credit for all of this? Does this somehow trump a bin Laden get? Can we get some of this "truth serum" on tap in Washington?


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4838butterfly said...

LOL I'd like to ask this criminal about a few wrong-ass things things that have happened in my world, too. Is this the person who dented my car and did not leave me a note?

Mother said...

What about West Nile disease? It was him!

kweenkong said...

lol @ mother. yes, khalid mohammed takes blame for EVERYthing, so why not throw West Nile Virus on his list, too?

kweenkong said...

i'm sure it was this creepy guy who did the hit 'n run on your car!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... An interesting comparison you have made. Espeically b/c this Kahlid Mohommad reminds me of the chubby man in Borat - haha


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