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What does it cost to feel that heat?
300 true Michael Jackson fans in Tokyo paid nearly $3,500 each to feel that beat of love. For 30-seconds max.
On American Idol, Ryan Seacrest announced two special episodes on April 24 & 25th. It's must-see featuring music heavy-weights Quincy Jones, Bono, Borat, Pink, and Annie Lennox -- all helping show A.I.'s softer side. A vote for your favorite contestant supports a fundraiser for African youth. The contestants will be singing Inspirational songs. American Idol hopes you'll click for details -- and make a donation. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, AT&T and Ford.
borat feat. sasha baron cohen on dvd King of the castle. King of the castle. Condi is my friend. Condi is my friend. A U.S. State Dept. report cites Kazakhstan for human rights violations against Sasha Baron Cohen, whose "Borat" website was yanked by the K-Stan government.
Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica is calling on the U.S. Attorney's office to investigate the county government and find out why the county is missing more than half a million dollars. At a time when other cities and states are committing to improved public heathcare, Chicagoland is undergoing significant budget cuts. Hopefully the investigation will prompt Cook County President Stroger to find those funds.
Time Rewind: On Sunday morning, remember to spring forward every gadget that keeps you on-time. Or late, as the case may be.

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

I could've done a lot more with $3,500... said...

Paula, so true. I guess it's nice to have $3,500 to "spend" this way... Scary, what people will do.


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