Bon Voyage: Cybering to Paris

Paris fashion show - one spacey accessory

Thanks to Google, a quickie vacation is but a click away! On my mind is sexy, stylish Paris, where everything seems steeped in je ne sais quoi. Special attention to details distinguishes the French aesthetic in areas ranging from architecture to home furnishings to the garbage collectors' uniforms. It's been a few years since I visited, but right now I'm feeling almost, virtually there again...

Paris subway with mens fashion advertisementAt the L'ouvre, I stood at the foot of a grand, marble staircase in awe of the Winged Victory gracing the landing aboveParis fashion boutiqueParis fashion showPlus-size model in ParisGotcha! I honestly don't recall seeing anyone -- certainly not any woman -- with this amount of girth in Paris... Maybe it's all of the mustard on fish (delish!) that keeps most of them so thin. Mustard, I learned, is as ubiquitous there as ketchup is here.

Check out this American ex-pat in Paris, whose charming blog / photoblog is inspired by delights in the City of Light. You can practically smell the croissants here, as if wafting from a quaint boulangerie on a narrow, winding rue. Our blog host also keeps an eye on European protests over U.S. policies -- stuff not typically covered by traditional news media here.

You can take every type of tour imaginable in Paris. My merry band of six friends and I took one of many Black Paris tours; ours was led by an ex-pat New Yorker. Breath-taking Eiffel Tower aside, you can't help but love historic establishments such as Chez Haynes, a soul food restaurant renowned for the WWII-era African American writers and jazz masters who frequented the spot.

Also, ethnically diverse Barbes Rochechouart, known as the Harlem of Paris, is a must-stop for its distinct, West African flavor. Once I saw all of those unusual animal carcasses dangling in a butcher's display window, I refused to eat anywhere but the McDonald's in Barbes.

Poster for a club in Paris, La Martiniquezze Le Blog La Martiniquezze photoblogs jazz concerts taking place at its dark and cozy-looking cafe. I love jazz, and I love the idea of traveling to Martinique, so this Martinique / Guadeloupe - themed blog out of Paris piqued my interest.
Here's an impressive collection of Paris + Jazz videos at YouTube. Not only can you catch on YouTube good French jazz, there are vintage clips of Miles Davis, Roy Hargrove and other American jazz giants playing Paris on TheTube, too.

For a taste of travel destinations beyond Paris and Martinique, check Chicago's own "Go Girl!," whose travel journal covers Venice, Rio, St. Martin, Sante Fe and more.

Nice trip, non!


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BillyWarhol said...

c0ol shots*

Paris Rocks!!

Merci Beaucoup*

Quebec City + Montreal are awesome too*


Tisha! said...

exquisite city, each time I go Paris takes my breath away!

have a lovely day darling!


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