Chicago Cop Turns Bar Brute : Anthony Abbate / Karolina

Unbelievable. You know the petite Chicago barmaid whose beating by a drunken policeman was caught on a security camera? She, Karolina, had only been trying to stop the enebriated cop from attacking another customer, a male. The man she'd hoped to protect stood idly by when the crazed cop -- Anthony Abbate -- turned his wrath on her instead.

But the first-targeted customer? He doesn't seem to have yelled "Hey stop!" or do much else to reciprocate the concern. He just kind of stands there... padding a few feet back and forth at one point... He basically just watches the violent act that could have resulted in this woman's death.

Which led Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times to ask all of us this thought-provoking question: What would you have done?

Sorry, but I won't post the disturbing YouTube video here. If you're interested in seeing it, just click the long version here. The longer version shows the cop's initial upset before turning on the lady bartender.

Guess it's true: No good deed goes unpunished.


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Tisha! said...

That's so sickening! I would surely have gotten myself into deep doodoo by trying to help that lady...often in those situations I act without thinking. Probably not the best idea but I cannot tolerate abuse, just kills me!

Have a fantastic weekend darling!

kweenkong said...

Same here, Tisha! Just can't imagine... I'd have to do at least a little more than this guy. Unless he has a medical reason for not trying harder to calm the situation.

Cynthia said...

This is sick and twisted. I wouldn't have gotten involved physcially. My cousin got killed trying to help someone. The person he was trying to help is still alive.

I would have called the cops.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

This was sad. I know it's easy for me to say I would've done more to help her, but I hope and pray I would have.

People were probably just scared 'cause the guy is so big and carrying a gun AND drunk!

But God is able. He gives supernatural power and protection and foils people who think they are stronger.

lakeparkluv said...

Chicago is turning "Training Day!" There's actually another case that just surfaced about some Chicago cops abusing some guys in a bar. Our men in blue have crazed power surges like you wouldn't believe.

Groovy Lady said...

Good grief! I hadn't read or heard about this before now.

I can't imagine anyone not jumping in to help. I know for a fact I would have.. but then I do a lot of irrational acting and very little thinking things through during stressful situations.. but to do nothing? Geez!

Disturbing story!

Anonymous said...

People's tax dollars are paying high salaries and fat pensions for these cops who are suppose to protect us. The next time these losers and their buddies want a raise, tell them "NO"! That will get their attention and hopefully make them realize that if you are not a good cop on and off duty, then you are just a thug with a badge.

kweenkong said...

Anony, you are so right. The People have to better leverage the tools we have -- freedom of speech, the vote -- to demand better behavior. The "protectors" should absolutely not be more thugged out assholes than the nuttiest citizens!

Dave said...

There's no such thing as a good cop, because the cops who DON'T do bad things will ALWAYS protect the ones who do. They tried to pay off the bartender and they only charged this slime with a misdemeaner until they found out there was a video tape which had already gone public (I'm sure they wish they could have had their hands on it first, so it could "get lost" in the evidence locker). They would have covered the whole thing up if they could. By the way...why is a man who's been treated for substance abuse problems EVEN A COP IN THE FIRST PLACE???

THERE'S NOTHING A COP WON'T DO TO PROTECT HIS "BROTHERS IN BLUE." If a cop doesn't like you, YOU BETTER HAVE A WITNESS because he will mess you up if he can, and he'll kill you if that's what it takes to shut you up.

Anonymous said...

It's guys like him that made me learn Jiu Jitsu. I would have slowly cranked his arm until it broke. Punishment MUST BE INCREASED for law enforcement officers engaging in off-duty acts.

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