Star Power: Chicago's 'Jennifer Hudson Day'

chicago dreamgirl jennifer hudson visited dunbar high school with mayor daley and more on Jennifer Hudson Day

Here's a little Dreamgirls postcard from the Windy City... Wish you'd been here yesterday when the City of Chicago celebrated Jennifer Hudson Day. The Chi's very own Academy Award winner was home to star in a whirlwind of festivities in her honor.

Thanks to Cynthia's Interest, I'm sharing this awesome photo gallery of the former American Idol contestant's "Oscar" meet 'n greet at the Chicago Theater. The shots taken at her alma mater, Dunbar High School, with Mayor Daley are the best.

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

That's a trip.

I went to St. Edmunds grammar school and we used to go to Dunbar to put on our operettas.

We used to called it "Dumb Bar".

We were silly kids... said...

LOL Paula, that's very funny, "dumb bar." Kids are the same everywhere.

Maybe you'll post about your operettas one day.

Tisha! said...

Oh she's awesome and I am so proud of her.

I love your new template, bravo! said...

Tisha!, it's really extraordinary how things have happened for Jennifer. What a blessing for her.

Evelyn said...

Jennifer is my girl! I beam with pride for that girl and I wish her nothing but the best 'cause when she sings I just want to cry. .


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