EYE ~ ~ ~ Saddam's Bathist On the Come-up : Scott Storch vs. Timbaland : Craig's List Crazies : Sanjaya Hair Download

The Streets Is Watching / Jay-ZEYE On ~~~

1. New Iraq laws created to woo back Saddam's ousted officials.Wish we could bring back Saddam himself and give him back his #*@! country. It was all so simple then...

2. Where's the beef? These days, it's at the top of hip-hop's production echelon, between Lil' Kim's old flame, Scott Storch, and Timbaland, whose tracks do more to save the music than VH-1. Check this great Village Voice piece about the beef between the two (harmless) rap beat titans.

3. Those wild and crazy folk who "Rant & Rave" at Craig's List just don't stop. Check out these posts from today's San Francisco page... But check them out at your risk, as a few are pretty shocking: my girlfriend keeps asking me for... * help, i'm a girly with a... * my 14-year-old daughter won't... * confessions from a christian girl...

4. What's that in the air?? Oh, American Idol's coming to a television near you tonight! Even the Washington Post seems ready for a fix, today really embracing its Inner Sanjaya -- as in Sanjaya Malakar, the American Idol contestant bringing the most sex appeal. Sanjaya of American Idol has such a huge fan base that a download or downloadable Sanjaya has hit the InternetSanjaya fans don't mind that Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones sing better. At the moment, we're mesmerized by Sanjaya's bouncin' and behavin' mane. In fact, the WaPo story provides a downloadable Sanjaya: you can try a range of crazy hair-do's on the American Idol sweety.


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Tisha! said...

craiglist oh my gawd! the girl keeping the poo in was something, poor parents...probably some trend, weird nonetheless. You really chose some doozies!

lakeparkluv said...

Sanjaya's mohawk was awesome. The guy is hot, face it Sanjaya critics! LOL


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