Google's Blog Software Hijacked by Scammers

fake blogs are infiltrating our happy homes, says PC World of Google's social networking

PC World posted this story today about Internet scams, spyware and more that blog readers everywhere should beware of, given the popularity of our very own blogger blogs. Google's blogger blogs are being hijacked to spread malware through fake blogs, a security vendor warns.

Genuine-looking blogs on topics as wide-ranging as "Star Wars, school, furniture, Christmas, cars and girlfriends" are now being created to host a variety of script-initiated malware. It would be impossible for visitors to spot the danger of these sites, which now number in the hundreds, the company said.

Although they look genuine, it appears that all the sites have been specially crafted to fool visitors. One example: A site for fans of the Honda CR450 motor car infects visitors with the Wonka Trojan.

In another, the fake blog redirects visitors to a store front purporting to be Pharmacy Express, a phishing site that has turned up in many spam emails distributed by the Stration worm.

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Anonymous said...

Somebody sent me an e-mail yesterday trying to play a phishing scam on me. One has to be xtra careful out here.


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