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Notes On a Napkin:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usPlease pass this napkin note to: Rapper Nelly and other hip-hop stars who swipe credit cards through the "Apple Bottoms" of voluptuous video vixens.... Laura Washington at the Chicago Sun-Times penned a note touting a new tome on the "Hottentot Venus," an amply-curved South African girl in 1810 who was infamously toured in Europe as a one-woman freak show. Blessed (or cursed) with an abundant derriere and genitalia, the Hottentot Venus is explored in "African Queen: The Real Life of the Hottentot Venus." Author Rachel Holmes not only ponders the subject's tragic personal life, she puts the phenomenon of Venus's popularity in the context of sexual exploitation of black women.

Hottentot Venus was exploited as a freak in Paris and elsewhere in Europe in 1810.  Her bones remained on display at a French museum until fairly recently.
Her remains were scientifically studied by the French; her skeleton was on display at a museum until fairly recently. In fact, the French just gave the Hottentot's remains to the South African government a few years ago.

Now if we can get Nelly to give back the dignity he stripped from the "over-indulged" video vixen in his controversial "Tip Drill" video...


Sometimes a news story get under our skin, touches our soul, and breaks our heart... is a hard one to shake. Such is the case with the Chicago area tragedy of Mila Petrov, a 29-year-old mother of seven who murdered one of her children.

As saddened as I am by the child's death, I am intrigued by this: Petrov's seventh child was born the same day that her five-year-old daughter died. Her cause of death: mother admits slamming the child's head against a wall.

Authorities say that none of Petrov's other children showed signs of abuse. But the Cook Country Sheriff calls the victim's body the "most horrific" example of child abuse he's ever seen. The list of despicable acts includes three years worth of cigarette burns, scalding, tie-ups, and force-fed jalepeno peppers. (Now that's where I draw the line, with those evil peppers!)

It's downright heartbreaking. It also begs many questions... Couldn't Petrov's family members see the possibility of this coming? Why seemingly only abuse this child and none of the others? What's the karmic connection between the same-day transaction of lives?

Between labor pains and the exertion of taking a child's life, Mila Petrov surely had one hellish day. So scribbled on the final napkin note today is this food for thought: Are we heading toward the day when government pre-clearance to birth and raise your own child becomes the law?


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lakeparkluv said...

I find this story very disturbing too, about the mom who murdered her 5 year-old.

It's hard to believe she never did dangerous, wrong things to the other kids though. Otherwise, why would she pick on this one out of all her children?

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Wow, both your posts are amazing and are making me think.

I'd never heard of that hottentot venus, but -- butt! -- you are right on about objectifying women and us doing it to ourselves.

It's gotta stop, you're right.


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