Jonestown Kool-Aid Redux

Don't drink just anyone's Kool-Aid

Here's an odd newstory and compelling CNN video found at Paula Mooney's blogspot. It's about Miami-based Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, a popular minister with 300 congregations in over 20 countries. His 100,000 followers believed he was the Second Coming until last week. Because that's when he had a change of heart and confessed to being the Antichrist.

Time to lock-up the Kool-Aid and change bank accounts...

“Antichrist” is the latest in a string of titles De Jesus has bestowed on himself. In 1988, De Jesus announced he was the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. In 1999, he dubbed himself “the Other,” a spiritual superbeing who would pave the way for Christ’s second coming. In 2004, he proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ. That claim caused some prominent members to defect from the movement - including De Jesus’ first wife, Nydia, and his son Jose Luis Jr., who started his own church in Puerto Rico.
In January, during a packed worship service at the church, De Jesus took off his coat and revealed the numbers 666 on his forearm. Since that time, many of his members have hit tattoo parlors on South Beach Miami and had 666 forever inked on their bodies, too.

I could say so much more about this... I'm reminded of a conversation with a friend yesterday, whose brother seems entangled in an "African royalty" scam. Unfortunately, one's family and friends can do little about it.

But rather than get too deep about pathologies atop this virtual soapbox, I'll simply conclude with this: When the inevitable movie about de Jesus Miranda hits, sexy Armand Asante could play the devil out of this role.

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4838butterfly said...

I have no sympathy for people who fall into cults. If they need somebody to take over their money because they can not handle it, oh well. There's plenty of so-called preachers out here who are happy take that hard-earned money off one's hands.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hey, thanks for the link love.

And yeah, this guy is gonna be on Primetime tonight.

Should be interesting.

I pray they see the light.

kweenkong said...


I can't say I have 'no' sympathy, but I understand your frustration.

Like I said, my friend's brother seems possibly involved with some shady money-grubbers. It upset me to even here about it -- and it's not even my brother. lol

kweenkong said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Paula. I'll definitely plan to watch this.


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