Let Beyonce Upgrade U (To a Samsung Music Phone)

Beyonce signs major endorsement deal for concerts, ads and more with Samsung's SGH-F300 music phone

Singer-songwriter-actress-House of Dereon designer Beyonce is the latest celebrity to sign a major electronics endorsement deal. In addition to wanting to upgrade Jay-Z (The Mike Jordan of Recordin') per her 808-intense song Upgrade U, "B" envisions upgrading millions of us who are cell-u-lites to Samsung's new heavy-hitter music phone. Samsung will premier in April a global advertising campaign starring Bootilicious Beyonce to introduce the fashion-forward SGH-F300.

The Dreamgirls star's R&B mega-concerts will also be co-sponsored by Samsung as part of the deal, and other branding efforts are planned. The Samsung Ultra Music Phone that Beyonce now reps comes with a free download of her hit single, Irreplaceable.


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hamsammich said...

I'll have to tell my neice about this Beyonce-Sims video. She is hooked on The Sims.

lakeparkluv said...

Samsung will charge too much for this phone. They always do. Now that they have B involved, the costs will skyrocket beyond what makes sense.

I'll stick with the one I have.


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