MAUDLYNE IHEJIRIKA -- A Nigerian-American Reporter Tells Her Story

Beautiful picture of Sun-Times reporter Maudlyne Ihejirka's parents when they married in Nigeria in the 1950sWow: Chicago Sun-Times reporter Maudlyne Ihejirka filed a poignant, personal cover story yesterday about her family's hero, James Wolter. A WWII vet and local financial adviser, Wolter and a few friends went beyond the call of duty, raising funds to help Ihejirika's family of seven escape war-torn Nigeria in the seventies.

Rarely does a reporter write herself into a story for a major newspaper, but check out Maudlyne's riveting piece. It's told from her perspective as a child, and from the viewpoint of her Nigerian parents. Their harrowing experience revolves around Nigeria's civil war in 1967, which led separatists to form the Republic of Biafra -- a place that once captured headlines around the world with pictures of children so malnourished their bellies were distended.

Three million Igbo were killed in the Biafra War itself, making it a holocaust the world must never forget. Perhaps Maudlyne will follow-up her Sun-Times story with an entire book shedding light on the compelling history of her homeland. We sure hope so!


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Anonymous said...

Ms. Ihejirika often has some of the most interesting articles in the Sun Times. She is definitely one of Chicago's most talented news journalists.


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