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MySpace will introduce the Impact channel for presidential candidates to lots more than make 'friends'

...Not true, especially now that MySpace is recognized by every White House hopeful as a key tactic in winning 2008's presidential election. The New York Times reports that this week will mark a fascinating new era in the political process, when MySpace launches its Impact channel for presidential candidates. While Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama already have traditional MySpace pages*, the new Impact channel will allow them -- and other candidates -- to operate more virally than ever. Meaning, the new platform will allow MySpace users to make one-click campaign contributions and also drag candidates' ads to apply to their own sites.

* If anyone's keeping score, Hillary Clinton has 24,000 "friends" on an unofficial MySpace page started by a supporter. Barack Obama has 64,000 on the official MySpace started by his team.
Which of them do you think is in better position to receive the most lunch and cookie money from the younger MySpace crowd? Still, the candidates won't mind if contributions come in a dime at a time. They're counting on many more MySpacers being old enough to vote by the time it counts.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I do not like MySpace.


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