Newly OutKast: Behold, It's a Lady


It's a jungle out there, and everyone from Anna Nicole to Anne Coulter knows it. As proof, check out this interesting arc of women's news I surfed to today. Each piece presents a different, compelling take on female images in the media today. They're very much five signs of our crazy times:

1. Folks at Rachel's Tavern aren't sure how to take this PETA ad. They're not feeling the parallel drawn between this lovely black woman and a beautiful animal. I think the ad's great. I'm still not tossing out my coat, though. And I'll always love the Cat House at the zoo...

2. At African American Literature Book Club, there's this peculiar sound bite of Hillary Clinton affecting a Southern black dialect as part of her remarks in Selma -- having an "I Don't Feel No Ways Tired" sermon moment. The snippet's making waves on the Internet as Kentucky Fried Hillary. Did she rehearse this in front of anyone? If so, why didn't they advise her not to mimic. (Check out acclaimed jazz vocalist Deborah Davis singing, "I Don't Feel No Ways Tired.")

3. At ExpatJane's, there's lively discussion about Robin Givhan's theory that Hollywood cuts thick, women of color slack in the body department, while their mainstream counterparts must be rail thin. In other words, if curvaceous Vogue cover girl Jennifer Hudson had been white, she wouldn't have been able to squeeze into the prestigious magazine's spotlight. Too much of this reverse-speak and affirmative action will have to talk to the hand.

4. Potty-mouth Anne Coulter calls John Edwards a "faggot." But we just had a reality check on this word. So Coulter lets things cool down a few degrees, then tosses fuel on the bigotry fire. John Edwards isn't taking this lying down, however. The Huffington Post reports his campaign is using Coulter's mean-spirited jab as the theme for his new fundraising effort, called "Coulter Cash."

5. Last is this latest spidey leg of poor Anna Nicole's final chapter. This tentacle has to do with her being granted permanent residency in The Bahamas, and a cuddly-looking Bahamian official who lost his job over it. R.I.P., Anna Nicole. If ever there was a woman who exemplified that popular James Brown girl-power chant, it may have been you...

A woman got to use what she got, to get just what she want.
James Brown in "Hot Pants"


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Carl Nyberg said...

Thanks for the kind words about Proviso Probe. I found South Side Star through Cynthia's Interests. said...

You got it, Proviso. I'm a fan of Cynthia's, too.


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