Rock 'em Sock 'em Politics: Obama vs. Clinton

Senator Clinton take a punch from Obama in the form of a YouTube video ad in the vein of Apple's classically futuristic

This mysterious, new Obama advertisement attacking Hillary Clinton is making its way up the YouTube food chain. Styled like Apple's historic "1984"-themed television ad, the Obama video portrays the Senator from New York as Big Brother. (Or would that be Big Sister?)

Obama's campaign claims it had nothing to do with the piece, which never features his likeness. It does, however, show the "O" logo of Chicago's star politican as part of the Apple insignia as well as It's one fresh and clever ad regardless of who's behind it. And it's certainly in keeping with the bold approach for which Obama's new media team is earning a reputation.


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Levois said...

That was a very damning ad. At least for Hillary Clinton. Perhaps it's a good thing that Obama's people didn't produce this bad boy. If there was a rivalry it would have been really a fight after this.

kweenkong said...

Hi Levois, you just never know what campaign people are up to. While I doubt Obama's people created this video, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them was behind seeding it on the down-low.

SR said...

Great find! Thanks for sharing...


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