This Just In: New Obama Video

Want more Obama brew? Check out this short video just emailed by his new media team. It's more speech magic from his Austin (TX) stump. The man has a gift. Whaddaya gonna do?

Actually, Hillary Clinton's people know exactly what to do about it...

Evita They're lopping off her name, officially making hers a one-word moniker...

That's right: The senators' campaign will now promote her as just "Hillary."

So long Clinton. Ciao-ciao Rodham.

It's easy to understand the concerns about being overshadowed by Bill. It's also easy to understand Obama looming large behind her. He has, of course, now surged ahead of her among black voters. For a perspective on this, check Rachel's Tavern.

And this one links to Hillary's senatorial site. It's about the event she and Rep. Sheila Jackson held to celebrate a statue of Sojourner Truth. It'll be erected at the Capitol Building. This is very nice, just terrific.

Now, about Iraq...

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