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Protesting President Bush in Brazil, Columbia for ethanol production's impact on the rainforest and climate change

At Rod 2.0 beta, check the powerful photo essay of President Bush's Latin America "good will" tour. In Sao Paolo, Brazil, he's been greeted with massive protests and rocks and riots. In addition to sharing our concerns about the war in Iraq, protesters in Brazil are expressing discontent with the U.S.'s interest in having landowners step-up sugar production. The U.S. wants to use the converted sugar as ethanol to fuel American cars. The precious Lion Tamarin is on the endangered species list in Brazil, with the rainforest now a fraction of its original size.Conscientious Brazilians fear that Mr. Bush's vision, noble as it is toward impacting climate change, will further devastate the rainforest. Which, they predict, would exacerbate the very problem the Bush plan seeks to fix. Safe travels, Mr. President.
Hip-hop producer Timbaland clearly knows how to create buzz for his new CD: just make beats for everyone currently grabbing news headlines. In the last week, Timbo has offered to produce "come-back" tracks for Britney Spears . (Better than any medicine, right?) And the man behind hits for Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Justin Timberlake also is hosting a $1,000 per person fundraiser in Miami for Senator "Hillary." The original owner of street cred, former President Bill Clinton, will be in the house. On the beach too, we hope!Hip-hop producer Timbaland Timbaland's new set, Shock Value, drops on March 27. Boot up to catch Tim the Funky Beat King on tour with Justin Timberlake. They'll put it down in Chicago on March 12 and 13 at the Allstate Arena.
The Chicago Reader's archive of Barack Obama articles gives the world a glimpse of the man we've always known has the right stuff -- whether for State Senate or the Oval Office. The Reader's first Obama article on file is December 1995's "What Makes Obama Run?" ... BTW, someone recently mentioned Senator Obama's church. So here's a link to Trinity United Church of Christ. The Chicago mega-church has an excellent reputation under the brilliant leadership of Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright.
<<<<<<>>>>>>Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art will host Reggie Wilson / Fist & Heel Dance Troupe, whose African tradition of dancing is given a modern, 'hoodoo' touch
Dance magazine describes Reggie Wilson's Fish & Heel Dance Troupe as "African tradition meets postmodern artist with a bang... a sense of mystery that is at once as exhilarating as it is unsettling."

The Pentacle describes Wilson's magical motion this way: "(He) draws on the movement idioms of Blues, Slave and Worship cultures to create what he calls 'Post-African Neo Hoodoo Modern dance'. Accompanied by their own driving rhythms--body percussion, aspirated breath, singing and shouts--Fist & Heel blends deep ritual into potent, beautiful and energizing contemporary dance."

If you're in Chicagoland, don't miss Fist & Heel at the Museum of Contemporary Art, March 15 - 17. Get a video preview here.

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Paula the Surf Mom said...

love the pac man game said...

Thanks Paula, I couldn't resist the Pac Meister!

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Time for your second comment from somebody named Paula...

If you join Amazon Associates, you'd get paid a cut everytime somebody would buy Timabaland's Shock Value, for example, if you'd have linked to it thru your referral code.

Just food for thought...

Jason - GorillaSushi said...

The most shocking thing Brit could do right now would be to make some respectable music.
I would rather see the Neptunes take the reigns but Timbaland's not too shabby.

kweenkong said...

Jason, I agree: Neptunes would be hot for Brit's "come back," but Timbo is no joke, either. (Actually, Brit has worked with Neptunes before... they produced "Slave" for her, I believe.)

Funny though, but I never really considered Britney needing a true "come back" just because she had the babies. Madonna and a few others have had babies and come back to music-making without really skipping a beat.

I see Britney has being that big a star and having that kind of pull at her record label. It's just about her having her head in the right place to get into the studio with the needed amount of focus.


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