Why does it take a media guerilla like Don Imus to embarrass politicians into doing what's right? MSNBC talk maverick Imus has occasionally visited Walter Reed for years and has always chewed-out his politician-guests about what he saw.

More recently, major newspapers have run exposes. Now congress has gotten involved, heads have rolled... and I'm just amazed it's taken this long for someone to lift a finger. I mean, it's terribly good what's going on now with the nation's V.A. hospitals. But it's also disheartening that the system has gone so long in such a broken state. Washington Post political columnist Eugene Robinson views it this way:

This administration's nonchalance about its most grievous transgressions has been stunning, and the only inference that fits the facts is that the people running our government don't really believe in government at all. They certainly haven't taken it seriously.

I've watched my elderly uncle for years struggle to receive quality care in one of these institutions. It's difficult to get an appointment on a timely basis. My uncle's health issues rarely seem resolved. It seems they keep him running a vicious circle, back and forth to these long-awaited doctors appointments to hear (again) the same unsure information.

I'd be interested in seeing measured results of what my loved one and so many others are getting for our tax dollars. We owe those who've fought for our country so much more than we give. The least we owe them is the same amount we're losing track of daily in Iraq.

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