Who Loves 'Ya, Lovie?

Gotta love Lovie. The Chicago Bears coach says he's "ready to move on to more important things." And the ink's barely dry on his new contract. Yesterday's lowest paid NFL coach, Lovie Smith today deserves a bear-hug for negotiating a delicious $ 4.7 million salary per season.

Smith's contract totals about $21 million, ending with the 2011 season. It's unfortunate he's had to haggel for it; it was getting ugly. Hey, The Man led us to the Super Bowl. He deserves that and more.


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Levois said...

Now this better translate to a Super Bowl next year or soon.

kweenkong said...

i hear you! haha what an incridible season for Da Bears. hope they can get out of the 'bridesmaid' syndrome, and be the actual 'bride'

lakeparkluv said...

Haven't been here in a minute so I'm glad I stopped in time to see your post about Lovie.

The day after he gets his contract, the price of Bears tickets go up? What kind ish... said...


Not only the ticket increase, I hear that Tommy's not coming back because the Bears don't want to pay him. This sounds like penny-wise and pound-foolish.


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