YouTube : Success Stories Landing Advertising, Film and Other Deals

NPR's audio interview with the New York Times' Keith Snyder puts YouTube's impact in a revolutionary, new context. The NPR piece serves up several of the latest YouTube success stories -- ordinary people who've landed advertising, television or record deals. But, Snyder warns, YouTube's current legal issues over free, unauthorized use of copyrighted material could bring this seriously competing channel to a grinding halt.

The New York Times writer also says he uses YouTube for research. YouTube, he says, netted surprising footage results of a presidential candidate from long ago. That opens up great ideas for enriching all sorts of projects.

I'll put it to the test soon and post the best of my YouTube research results. It would be awesome to discover that YouTube nearly has Google juice in this regard.

PS, Check out the YouTube piece after the links. It updates the Obama vs. Clinton "1984" viral video strand...


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