Abbate's Brother : Also a Cop and Bar Brute

Chicago police engage protesters in the famous 1968 ordealI'm amazed by -- and appreciative of! -- the readership the South Side Star is experiencing for having written about Anthony Abbate. You know Abbate: the Chicago cop whose vicious beating of a petite bar maid recently made headlines around the world. But some of you may not know the latest developments; they're jutting like spokes in every direction from Abbate's shameful, central incident. At this point, the Windy City's "black eye" for off-duty police brutality is making Denzel Washington's "Training Day" look Disney-esque.

Now Abbate's brother -- Terry Abbate, also a Chicago policeman -- is in the media glare for a completely separate bar brawl. Terry's bar fight also was caught by a security camera. However, the footage has not been made public or available to the media. We're looking bad enough without it, some savvy public relations person seems to have decided.

The only good news is that it wasn't a woman that brother Terry abused while off-duty. His incident involves an altercation with a male cop from Washington, DC, who was in Chicago to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is only now 'fessing-up about this having taken place. Forced into transparency only because the DC cop filed a formal complaint.

Oh, I should mention a few Chicago Police-related updates, (themed to music for some strange reason)...

~ SIX MINUTES DOUG E. FRESH AND YOU'RE ON...You probably already heard that after Abbate brother #1's incident made world news, another bar incident occurred with six off-duty officers. The victims were four business men, one of whom did sort of "ask for it." The one cop's father had passed away; he was visibly emotional about his loss; and the businessman told him, in so many words, to "stop crying." A CPD Smack-Down by the griever and five of his officer-friends ensued.

~ BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS - WUTCHUGONE DO?... Chicago's police chief, Phil Cline, announced an early retirement on Monday, too lambasted and embarrassed to continue the job much longer. The top CPD'er was Smacked-Down by the misbehavior he was unable to keep in check.

~ SAY IT LOUD, "I'M BLACK AND I'M..."...The Reverend Jesse Jackson has now gone on record calling for an African American chief of police to replace Cline. Sounds like it could help (due to historical racial incidents in Chicago, not the current series making headlines). But if it's true that from a loyalty standpoint, all cops are "blue" -- not black, not white, not Hispanic or Asian -- then they'll still stick together regardless of what's right.

~ I WANNA FLYYYY LIKE AN EAGLE...A state's attorney here today announced that, after reviewing brother Terry's situation, there was "insufficient evidence" to press charges. The original bad Abbate boy, Anthony (who savaged the lady bartender), faces felony charges.

Handsome cops can be a girl's best friend?~ And yours truly had a late-night brush with a Chicago cop on Monday. I wondered if this was my moment for a break-through video at YouTube, bandages and all... Or if I'd only wind up battered and in the poky... But he was actually kind of cute!

So when Officer (Un)Friendly got out of his embarrassing, blue-light flashing car and strolled over to mine...

Part 1 of 2
Check back in a few days for Part 2!

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Paula the Surf Mom said...

Part2? Part2? that ain't right.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I won't be coming to Chicago. hahaha

Maybe the new guy can fix your problems and we will worry less about safety coming there.


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