All the Presidents' Children / Obama Money / Dom Imus Firing Triggers Death Threats

Barbara and Jenna Bush are the colorful twin daughters of President George Bush and his charming wife Barbara
Chelsea Clinton is the more attractive than ever daughter of Senator Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton
America mourned the loss of John Kennedy Jr., who grew up with America watching and adoring its little 'John-John'

Are you a fan of First Kids? You know, the Chelseas, John-Johns, and First Twins Barb and Jenna of America? If so, you'll be enlightened by this round-up in the Washington Post, which tells about each presidential candidate's children. While many have grown children, quite a few have young ones poised to fascinate us -- and provide late-night joke fodder -- for at least four, formative years. That is, should their ambitious parent win the 2008 presidential election.

In terms of fundraising prowess, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama seems to be a lucrative cash cow. According to the Washington Post, Obama is enviably receiving campaign contributions from every nook and cranny. Even on the Internet, Obama has out-fundraised Senator Hillary Clinton. In "Obama Taps Two Worlds," the Post explores a few strategic friends of Obama, ranging from Penny Pritzker (the Hyatt heiress) and David Katzenberg (partner to Steven Spielberg and David Geffen). They and others have helped money cascade the senator's way.

Radio and television talk show pioneer Don Imus walks head down, humiliated these daysSurely you've sensed that I'm still following the Don Imus tragedy... And here's yet another morsel! This, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, is a spoke to watch in the Imus story's ever-revolving wheel of retaliation: Death threats. By taking aim at Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton -- not to mention the b-ball girls at Rutgers University -- Imus fans unfortunately are helping prove that an unhealthy mindset may have been cultivated by the Imus In the Morning talk show.

Rev. Jackson received a bomb threat yesterday during his weekly business community meeting at Rainbow/Push headquarters here in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. Meanwhile, Rev. Sharpton in New York has substantially stepped-up his security team. Sharpton was stabbed in 1991 at a protest, so his team takes assassination attempts very seriously.

Last but not least, check out USA Today's piece pondering whether the demise of Imus In the Morning signals a clean-sweep for talk radio and television shows. Which leads me to question this: Would it have been alright for Imus & Crew to spew their hate over satellite radio or some other, less public broadcast medium? The USA Today article looks at some recent FCC stances and makes insightful predictions about where our viewing selections are headed -- particularly in light of Janet Jackson's desperate "wardrobe malfunction."

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