American Idol : Sanjaya's GONE!

Nooooo... We weren't done marveling at beautiful Sanjaya! We still want to watch that fantastically bouncin' and behavin' hair. He got through each of his songs with a lovely smile and had fun performing every time. No one had to cover their ears!... Never mind those who complained that Sanjaya was still in the running; shame on those who hit the kitchen whenever he performed. Those of us who enjoyed him -- despite his lack of strong vocal chops -- stayed glued to American Idol. Hoping with his every note sung that Sanjaya magically would sound fabulous, as if suddenly possessed with the spirit of Michael Jackson.

The magical improvement we hoped for never came. But the magic of Sanjaya never failed to show up, always with glam hair.

It's a conspiracy! All the bad people in America must've dialed up American Idol and voted for everyone but Sanjaya...

What's that you've asked? Did I vote to keep Sanjaya on?

Well... Let's just say I'm not engaged in American Idol on that level. I'm just saying that Sanjaya has more charisma than than all the other contestants combined. His inner Michael Jackson only needs a good coach to be honed and coaxed out.

Not to worry, though. We the "Fanjayas" of the Internet will just keep blogging about him and blogging about him, and before we know it, our cutie pie may have a second TV life. And many MANY imaginative, new hair-dos, I'm sure.

Want more Sanjaya?

* This ABC News story, "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About," explores the Indian and Indian-American reactions to Sanjaya on Amerian Idol. It also explores rumors that his ethnicity alone led large numbers of telemarketers in India (and here) to flood the phone lines to keep him on the show.

* At Vote For The Worst, Web fans are lamenting their inability to make Sanjaya the next American Idol. And ABC News also offers various videos of Sanajaya stories they've produced.

* Last but not least, Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion journalist Robin Givhan at the Washington Post comes out of the "Sanjaya" closet: She's glad he's gone?! But why did she write this funny stitch about our guy:

It was time for Sanjaya to go! Pack your curling rods, your flatiron, your extensions, your bandannas, your hair gel and GO! Go forth and make the rounds of the chat shows. Hook yourself up with a nice spokesmodel gig at Clairol. Do your television cameos.
Here's the link to Givhan's hatin' but entertaining write-up: Hair and Gone: American Idol Trims Sanjaya.

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Clay said...

i am in mourning!

Jennie said...

Sanjaya will make big bucks from all the talk shows and cameo appearances. No need to be sad for him =P. We'll be seeing more of him, for sure.


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