Beyonce : Double "B-Day" Album Drops

Beyonce releases a deluxe version of her solo debut, B Day, today

Did you happen to catch Beyonce on the Today Show this morning? Boy, does she look and sound as wonderful as ever. (Gotta get some of that super-shiny, magenta lip gloss Beyonce wore!) She was on the show promoting her special re-released solo album, B-Day -- now with exclusive new tracks and videos.

The deluxe, double-CD version of B'Day includes new tracks by the super star recording artist, in addition to -- get this -- a DVD of eight, exclusive new videos for some songs.

Beyonce is, without doubt, the hardest working woman in show business. In a nod to her huge Hispanic fan base, she includes a Spanish version of her smash hit "Irreplaceable," one of the songs she performed impeccably live on Today Show... Though she admitted during her interview with Matt Lauer that she doesn't speak a lick of Spanish.

Interestingly, it's difficult to find information online about Beyonce's re-released CD, B Day. I believe it is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart! So to connect with the world's most successful singer today and the world's most successful retail organization ever, start out at to learn more about Beyonce's world tour and the new music, and then click-thru to The Wal, y'all.

Wal-Mart sells the CD & Deluxe DVD double set for $11.88. So if you want it, get if fast: B'Day Deluxe promises to sell like hot cakes and may even prove tough for Wal-Mart to keep in-stock.

BTW, here's a link to a YouTube page of Beyonce's past performances on the Today Show. Hopefully her powerful appearance today on the show will be posted at YouTube soon, so that I can include her latest here, too.

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