Brace Yourself, Northsider : CTA Work Begins

Chicago's CTA train from above... Hey, how'd UrbanCanyon at FlickR do that?

That's right: It's your turn, Northsiders. We on Chicago's South side have had the Dan Ryan Reconstruction Blues for a few years now. So with CTA poised to begin overhauling two key transit stations -- the Belmont and Fullerton stops -- we're happy to now share the transportation headache with you. Check this Sun-Times article for details, as CTA's work along the Brown Line will impact three other train lines, too. Ouch!


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Paula Neal Mooney said...

Great idea about the content, Kween.

You took me back with that Chicago house music CD!

And I know what you're saying about traffic on the Dan Ryan.

I was there last week and I took Lake Shore Drive instead. It was sooo pretty driving by the lake...


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