Carol Moseley Braun : Hyde Park Policing Needs Focus

Carol Moseley BraunI don't mean to over-react... But what the heck is going on, crime-wise, in Chicago's charming Hyde Park community? One of our distinguished neighbors, former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun, was attacked by a knife-wielding mugger on Friday night. Right at her front door. Luckily, Senator Moseley Braun only suffered a broken wrist, thanks to some University of Chicago students who happened by and got involved to stop the attack.

The University of Chicago students said they saw a woman on the ground with an attacker standing over her, beating her; they had no idea it was the astute woman whom President Clinton had appointed U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa. Nor does Moseley Braun's attacker likely care...

Thing is, there was another Hyde Park incident two Fridays ago. A rape a block away from my home, a stone's throw from lovely Promontory Point on Lake Michigan...

Chicago's historic Hyde Park community.  The view of downtown Chicago from picturesque Promontory Point
Yet, at about the exact time this young woman was in distress, a jerk cop stopped and ticketed me for allegedly rolling through a stop sign a few yards from my front door. Why was this guy squandering his time harrassing someone like me? Meanwhile, rapists and muggers are having a bit of a field day around here, and getting away Scot free.

A huge community hug is owed the University of Chicago students who got involved, frightening off Moseley Braun's attacker. The former senator says that, fortunately, she was wearing gloves. The mugger's repeated attempts to slash her purse strap free resulted in only minimal cuts to her hand.

Moseley Braun's cuts and broken wrist are sure to heal just fine. It's the community trust that's likely broken beyond repair. Our mistaken belief that Hyde Park is a fairly safe community. The myth has been shattered; this is what'll be hardest to recover from.

That, and the likelihood that those responsible for policing the area were probably busy playing tough-cop with non-threatening people like me, who just aren't worth bothering with. Not when you increasingly have rapes and muggings happening a block or two away.

Carol Moseley Braun's video interview describing the attack
Wikipedia on Carol Moseley Braun

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

What a trip. I'm glad Carol Mosley Braun is okay.

I went to Kenwood Academy High School from 1981 - 1985 in Hyde Park, which was so nice and diverse and culturally different back then.

I'd heard it was getting rougher, but I'd hoped that wasn't true.

And we used to spend plenty of time at the Point! I didn't even know it was called the Promontory Point till I read your post!

Take care,

Levois said...

I'm glad that Carol Moseley Braun is OK and I hope that the aspiring purse snatcher feels guilty about what they attempted to do and who they did it too. I hope that it's not true that Hype Park isn't as safe as I've imagined it to be. If this is true I hope that this changes in light of this incident.

Cynthia said...

I'm surprised this happened in Hyde Park. I'm glad she is ok too.


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