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Sure, it's Easter. But it's still Sunday. Which means it's time for another CyberMartini! Today it's an immersion in exotic Fez, Morocco, a culture shrouded in mysticism and mystery. Like many Americans, I'd be remiss, dishonest or something if I didn't credit Hollywood film legends Bob Hope and Bing Cosby for first sparking my imagination about Morocco. Their comedy classic, "Road to Morocco," is a movie that -- right or wrong -- has informed several generations of Americans about Morocco. And it looks like a trip. A world of instantly hypnotic intrigue.

Many years after seeing "Road to Morocco," while in college actually, I made wonderful new friends who were Moroccan. I'm still delighted about discovering couscous, thanks to their superb kitchen witchery. But most notably, those guys were the sexiest dancers! By the looks of this video, humps-shaking wasn't unique to the guys I got to know. This YouTube piece reminds that in Morocco, the softer sex still shuts things down...

Did you catch the killer Middle Eastern rhythm? I love its kinship with the urgency of African drumming. Raw!

The impetus for this Moroccan look is a stellar New York Times Travel article. It transports you right to the ancient Moroccan city of Fez. Any day, anywhere reality. There's also a bit about Fez's June 2007's Festival of World Sacred Music. Headliners from around the world include Turkish dervishes, Japanese drummers, Indian sitar master Ravi Shankar, and Senegalese pop star Youssou N’Dour. That'll be a moment in music and spiritual history. Partially because of these hypnotic guys:

The Festival of World Sacred Music also celebrates the 800th birthday of the Persian mystic poet Rumi.

If travelling to exotic Morocco sparks your imagination, take a step forward:

~ provides a photo gallery showcasing some of the Web's best shots of colorful and spiritual Morocco.

~ The BBC provides this fascinating profile of Morocco, including a perspective on its modernest King Mohammed, and his interest in joining the European Union.

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SR said...

I spent three weeks traveling around Morocco in 2001. It's really a fascinating place... In Casablanca especially you get a sense of the juxtaposition of the modern and the traditional.

AdrienneZurub said...

Love the pics!
Adrienne Zurub

MoRocco said...

great blog! i love the videos! morocco is my favorite country and i love to go there, but since my camera is really bad i have to search for other people's photos and videos. :(

kweenkong said...

Thanks, MoRocco. Like your site, too! When I'm ready to acquire my humble palace in Morocco, I'll come straight to you. ;-)

Morocco Property said...

Morocco is so misterious country! It's so ancient and nature is great there, I liked diserts so much, such a great view! Sand is everywhere around you.

aznzar said...

Thanks alot for your article, i'm from Morocco, yes i'm agree with you Morocco Property sand is every where, but just at the south of morocco territories, also torrist enjoy many sports, adventures, as sand sandsurf, windsurf, ralley...
intill you reach Ouarzazate where hollywoodienne movies broadcasting.
thanks again.


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