Don Imus, Bernard McGuirk and... Snoop Dogg?

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~ Check out this CNN story about Don Imus retaining top first amendment lawyer Martin Garbus, a heavy-hitter at the law firm Davis and Gilbert in New York. The I-Man is "suiting" up to clear his right to have spoken freely about *hos with hair woes* -- and other controversial things Don and Bernard McGuirk have said on air over the years. Doing so could help Imus keep the brand new $40 million contract he'd pretty much just signed with CBS Radio. The new contract, of course, was swift-kicked by Imus's (ex) "pal" Les Moonves in conjunction with canceling Don's popular talk show.

This could get ugly for CBS and racially overwrought America. If a settlement isn't reached, It could lead to scrutiny for all of the nutty/worse things that Don and Bernie McGuirk have said over the years. The question is whether CBS reprimanded them with proper warnings before terminating them. In all likelihood CBS did not. There's good reason to believe that Imus and his lawyer can prove just the opposite: that CBS somehow encouraged the controversial behavior that made Imus In the Morning a hit TV show.

And if that's the case, would a possible court case impact CBS's already jittery stock? Perhaps it's time to pull out the PR gat, guys, as only tough talking Gangsta Snoop and gun-toting Gangsta Don would do...

This dog is clearly a fan of Snoop Dogg, and wears a hot Afro to prove it Don Imus has a sprawling ranch in Reader's Digest, New Mexico, where each year he and his wife, Diedre Imus, host children suffering with life-threatening illnessess.  Horse riding is among the big activities the city kids enjoy at the Imus Ranch, a non-profit organizationPerhaps Don Imus should "go nappy" and hook up with the rap game's #1 ho-dropper, Snoop Dogg. Wouldn't these two make the ultimate 'Dog and Pony' Road Show?

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But a final Snoop Dogg & Don Imus Dog & Pony Show question... Would African American gangsta rappers stand by Imus's first amendment rights if they learn some of the other ridiculous slurs that Imus's Bernard and Sid Rosenberg have made about black men? CBS had better settle this I-Mess out of court before too long...

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hamsammich said...

America should be leary of the day that someone like Don Imus is on the same side as Snoop Dogg as far as the freedom of speech question.

Both of these two men are pretty much clueless pimps of American culture. They are a big part of the problem as they both fill the public airwaves with negativity that does not benefit anyone's betterment.

Tisha! said...

oh you can bet your bottom dollar that CBS did not warn him and for that it will get pretty ugly for them.

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