Don Imus : Bernard McGuirk Is Show's Real Problem

Happy Friday the Thirteenth, but this is a sad day for fans of Imus in the Morning
Want proof that today is Friday the 13th? Here's all the proof I need: Today's the first day the mighty Don Imus, host of Imus In the Morning, awakens banished from both his MSNBC television and WFAN radio shows. The tsunami of criticism finally took its toll, washed away one of many hugely popular but negative influences that keep America in darkness, less than we're called to be.

I hope that one day Don Imus stands up a much taller man from this devastating experience and returns to the airwaves. I believe he bought Sirius stock fairly deeply, so that's clearly an opportunity for The I-Man.

But whatever Don Imus does next, he simply must not bring his producer, Bernard "Bernie" McGuirk, along. Or if he does, he shouldn't allow Bernie to speak on-air as before. Bernie's the real hate-monger on the show, not Imus. McGuirk revels in angry, piss-on-everybody talk on a level that far exceeds his boss, Don Imus.

I would say that Bernie seeds most of the comments in poor taste, and his persona casts the darkest shadow that creates the show's pall. The only person I've seen admonish him for his cruel words is frequent guest Terry Bradshaw. The problem was that Don himself didn't seem to let Bernie know the atmosphere of the show had to improve.
Don Imus's sidekick, Bernie McGuirk, is being looked at by New York Times
This New York Times story keys in on the same thing: Bernard McGuirk's role in the Don Imus fiasco deserves close examination...

I commend those who took a stand against the Imus show's long-running barrage of verbal attacks. Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton demonstrated remarkable leadership, despite mainstream criticism for every breath they breathe. They are deeply valued for their commitment and efforts. And in this case, astonishing success! Next stop: record labels producing hip-hop songs that go too far with degrading monikers for females...

NBC and CBS also deserve major atta boys for listening and acting decisively. It was particularly thrilling to hear the employees of NBC had spoken the loudest to management, and broke through to sensitize the Peacock Network what it really means to be one, big diverse family.

Last but not least, get well wishes to Governor John Corzine of New Jersey, who was in a terrible auto crash last night. He was en route to the Governors Mansion to host Imus's meeting last night with the Rutgers women's basketball team. Governor Corzine suffered numerous broken bones and vertabae by a hit-and-run driver. Speedy recovery!

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Villager said...

I still haven't heard what becomes of McGuirk and the other staffers on the Imus show. I imagine that they can all be stable hands at the Imus-Ranch (smile)

There are many directions for this story to take now that Imus is gone. Over in the Electronic Village we are talking about the bullseye being placed on hip hop lyrics in the Electronic Village.

I join you in sending prayers for the speedy recovery of the NJ governor.

peace, Villager

kweenkong said...

I like that "stable hands" job for Bernie! While he's bent over shoeing a hoff, someone should kick him him square in the pants.


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