George Tenet / Bernard McGuirk / Barbie 2.0

The new Barbie Girl goes gadget, attached to an MP3 player and with Internet capability

~ She moves. She grooves. She's an all-new Barbie poised to troll the Internet for friends. She also likely tunes out mom and every other annoyance except for catchy tunes like Fergie's sultry "Glamorous." Officially called Barbie Girl, she is Mattel Inc.'s latest attempt to connect with modern girls. Considered more gadget than the traditional fashion doll, Barbie Girl is a device that plays MP3 music and connects to the virtual world via a personal computer. Read all about America's favorite fashion chick gone techie here: Barbie 2.0 delivers interactive experience.

~ If you missed Bernard McGuirk's exclusive interview last night on Hannity & Colmes, News Hounds offers this excellent recap. Of all the inflammatory things McGuirk said on the Fox News show, I found most amusing that he apologized to Alan Colmes for repeatedly saying he resembles "a ferret in a suit." Beyond that, sounds like Bernie was on the show primarily to 1) bash Rev. Al Sharpton for taking a stand for the Rutgers girls and 2) jump-start a new chapter of his post-Imus career saying nasty things about undeserving people.

~ Former CIA Director George Tenet is making the media rounds to promote his book, "At the Center of the Storm." In the tome due out on Monday from HarperCollins, Mr. Tenet discloses what many people have sensed all along: The Administration made him a scapegoat for the "bad" intelligence that justified going to war in Iraq. According to this L.A. Times story, former officials say the book "makes a compelling case that Vice President Cheney and other administration hawks pressured the CIA to find nonexistent links between Iraq and the Al Qaeda terrorist network." Tenet also substantiates that his superiors were "hostile to post-invasion assessments that portrayed conditions in Iraq as deteriorating."

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4838butterfly said...

McGuirk is a sad excuse for a man. He doesn't get it. I feel sorry for his children if he has any. People like him teach their kids to hate and it winds up hurting them the most.


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